Center for Language Acquisition at the Pennsylvania State University

Happy Valley SLA

The Happy Valley SLA Group--now renamed the 'Douglas Fir Group'--reunited in Portland, Oregon on March 25-28, 2014 for several days of discussion following this year's AAAL (American Association of Applied Linguistics) Annual Conference.  The three-day meeting was sponsored in part by a grant from the NFMLTA (National Federation of Modern Language Teacher Associations), and was organized by the editorial office of The Modern Language Journal.


The original 'Happy Valley SLA' group was formed during a two-day symposium on "Alternative Approaches to Second Lanugage Acquisition" held in May 2013 on the Penn State University Park campus, sponsored by the Center for Language Acquisition.  Founding members of the group include:

  • Dwight Atkinson
  • Heidi Byrnes
  • Patsy Duff
  • Nick Ellis
  • Joan Kelly Hall
  • James Lantolf
  • Diane Larsen-Freeman
  • Eduardo Negueruela
  • Bonny Norton
  • Lourdes Ortega
  • John Schumann
  • Elaine Tarone

Additional participants at the 'Douglas Fir Group' meeting in Portland included:  Merrill Swain (OISE, University of Toronto, Karen Johnson (Penn State), and Meredith Doran (Penn State).  Plans are currently underway to draft a jointly-authored article on language learning and teaching based on shared perspectives among the group members.


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