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Speaker: Angel Lin

Date of Talk: February 17, 2020

Location: Foster Auditorium

Title and abstract:

Translanguaging as flows: The process turn in applied linguistics


Speaker: Peter de Costa

Date of Talk: September 23, 2019

Location: Willard Building

Title and abstract:

Multilingualism, Language Education, and Linguistic Entrepreneurship: Critical Perspectives

I examine the way in which multilingualism and language education is appropriated by the ideology of neoliberalism, using the perspective of linguistic entrepreneurship, which is defined as “the act of aligning with the moral imperative to strategically exploit language-related resources for enhancing one’s worth in the world” (De Costa, Park & Wee 2016, p. 696). By exploring how linguistic entrepreneurship is instantiated in a range of formal and informal educational contexts across the world, I offer a critical perspective on the processes by which language learning is reframed as a moral responsibility of neoliberal subjects. In particular, I investigate (1) the material conditions that have enabled and constrained the emergence By drawing on these country examples, I illustrate how linguistic entrepreneurship illuminates the concrete processes by which people come to align themselves with the ideal of neoliberalism, developing a particular sense of self as subjects, through a range of ideological, historical, and political economic conditions.

Peter de Costa

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