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Meg Gebhard (2020)

Speaker: Meg Gebhard

Date of Talk: March 2, 2020

Location: 158 Willard building

Title and abstract: 

Multilingual Students’ Disciplinary Literacies in Hard Times:

Systemic Functional Linguistics in Action in US Secondary Schools

Drawing on Halliday’s theory of systemic functional linguistics, Dr. Gebhard describes the formation of a sustained university-school partnership informed by a social semiotic perspective of language, learning, and social change (e.g., New London Group, 1996). This partnership supported teams of teachers, doctoral students, and literacy researchers in collaboratively designing curriculum and analyzing changes in the literacy practices of linguistically and culturally diverse students over time using case study methods (e.g., Dyson & Genishi, 2005). Dr. Gebhard shares findings from these studies with a focus on how multilinguals at the secondary level learned to read, write, and critique multimodal texts in math and science (Gebhard, 2019).