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Dr. Kim Sociocultural Theory Travel Grant

Dr. Kim Sociocultural Theory Travel Grant

The deadline to submit an application for this year’s travel grant is February 1, 2024.


The Center for Language Acquisition, through the generosity of Dr. Jiyun Kim, a graduate of Penn State’s doctoral program in applied linguistics, has established a competitive travel grant for graduate student travel to present at the annual meeting of the Sociocultural Theory L2 Research Group, or to present a paper significantly informed by sociocultural theory at a national or international conference. Between two and four grants will be awarded each year. A maximum amount for any single grant is $1,000. To apply for a grant please submit the following information to the Center for Language Acquisition

  1. Your name
  2. Name of the conference you plan to attend
  3. Estimated cost, including travel, lodging, and conference registration where applicable
  4. Abstract of presentation along with confirmation of acceptance from the relevant meeting

Please note that your are eligible to apply for only one travel grant in any academic year and you must submit your application prior to travel. Awarding of a grant does not preclude students from applying for additional travel funds from the Department of Applied Linguistics.               

  • 2019 Michael Amory, Nicolas Doyle
  • 2021 Jacob Rieker, Tianfang (Sally) Wang, Yuanheng (Arthur) Wang
  • 2022 Tianfang (Sally) Wang, Lu Yu (Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Penn State)
  • 2024 Zhaoyu (Miranda) Wang, Xixin Qiu